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My car keys were stolen the other day. And while I wasn’t sure who did it, I was pretty sure I did not want to leave my car alone in the mall parking lot, as whoever did steal it might have been lurking somewhere, getting ready to steal the car this time. I showed him though. I called Boost Locksmith, who got to the parking garage shortly after I called them up. The expert locksmith was pretty cool about my lost keys. He replaced the keyless entry system on my Forester. He even programmed it and everything. I was soon able to drive off without giving the thief the satisfaction of stealing my car. It was also much cheaper than I expected. I’d definitely recommend them to everyone.

Robert Jeter

I have got a pretty old car, and I used to have a really old set of keys to go with it. About a week ago, my key actually broke while inside the ignition of my car. I did not even know that that could happen. I was about to resign to my fate of having to have the car towed to a mechanic who, for all I know, might end up taking days to fix it. Good thing a friend recommended contacting Boost Locksmith first. They were not only capable of fixing it. They also fixed it rather quickly and for a really low price. I was able to drive my car again within the same day. In the end, I had a new ignition and a new set of keys.

Erica Cha

When I lost the keys to my personal safe at home, I thought I would never be able to get the documents I left inside. I was already in the middle of requesting for new copies from the relevant government offices when a friend suggested I contact Boost Locksmith instead. So I gave them a call and received a rather reasonable quote for the job. Within minutes, an expert locksmith was at my home, helping me open my safe. I never thought I would get to see those documents again. The expert was even able to fix the problem without destroying the safe. He just gave me a replacement key afterward. In the end, I spent less on opening the safe than I would have paid in processing fees.

Dawn Thomas

My office recently let go of a few people due to budget cuts, and we were afraid that one of them would try to come back and take it out on the company by doing something terrible to the office. We at management knew we had to do something, but there was no room in the budget to hire a security guard to install a security system. Luckily, we found out that simply changing your locks can make your office a lot safer, so we called Boost Locksmith. They changed all our locks in less than 3 hours. It did not even disturb our work since they agreed to do it at night when everyone was done working. We all feel a lot safer now.

Thomas Davis

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