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You come home very late at night. Maybe you have been out for a drink.  You have taken your young family out for a treat. Whatever the reason, you have either lost or forgotten where your keys have gone. You’re sure you left them in your pocket.  You always have a safe place for them. No, they are gone! In a state of panic what do you do? Hopefully, you have the number of a reliable company such as Locksmith Poway CA recorded on your cell phone. They can guarantee to get to you in 20 minutes. Access will be made to your property, even though you have deadlocks on the front door.  Damage will be minimal and repairs will immediately take place.

This is equally the case with your automobile. A classic scenario would be leaving the keys in the ignition or on the front car seat, then slamming the car door. Even worse, you have totally lost your car keys.  Hopefully, you can get into contact with a commercial locksmith.  When they arrive, they will be able to deal with a variety of different car makes.  If the lock is mechanical, then they will quickly be able to gain access to the vehicle.  This applies equally to cars using “VAT” keys and immobilizers. There will be no damage to vehicles.

For Your Commercial Locksmith Emergencies

In commercial properties, the problems may be more specific. Keys for a cabinet of important files may have gone missing. Possibly individual doors cannot be opened, as the people responsible have lost the keys, or they have been mislaid.

Once these problems have been sorted out, it might be a good idea to do an audit of the security systems a particular company may be using.  Losing keys properly shows that there are too many systems in place. Things have grown in an ad hoc way over a period of time.  A highly efficient security system has to be in place if there are a lot of money transfers taking place. This is especially the case in a bank.

A commercial concern could range from a small cafe to a large commercial office.  There would still be the need for a secure entrance. For a smaller concern, this might mean a very rigid door with a strengthened glass and a grill, over the door front. There would have to be high-security cylinder locks and/or dead locks. 

For a larger commercial operation, the solution could be to consider using a digital system for most of its security concerns. Mechanical locks can be effective. However, keys get broken in locks. Locks start to wear.  They can corrode over time. There is an element of human error. Keys can be lost or mislaid.  If you are in Poway, CA, then do call us at Boost Locksmith.

Commercial Locksmith – Modern Solutions

For a commercial enterprise, a digital “keyless” system could be beneficial. It has to be constantly maintained and modified.  Changes will have to be made as the company evolves.

However, instead of a range of different keys across a number of different areas, there will be one unified system.

CCTV, movement sensors, and alarm systems can be readily set up. The sensors and alarm systems could be automatic, but the CCTV requires constant monitoring. Together, they would provide an effective surveillance system.  With internet connections, it is possible for these to be set up off site.  They could also be connected to local authority systems, police and fire, and others.

Keys could be replaced by keying in systems, card swipes, and barometric devices. A hierarchy could be set up, allowing a differentiated access across a whole building. Combined with the CCTV, this would be a big aid in surveillance, which would not be possible when using keys and locks.

If an employee leaves, his or her log-in is simply deleted.  There are no worries about “have they returned their keys?”

Timing systems can also be put in place. When a business closes for the day, most areas could be locked down, with only limited access for cleaners and maintenance, etc. This would also apply to sensitive and secured areas of an establishment. Access to safes would be secured automatically while the CCTV and sensors would continue to operate. We at Boost Locksmith can provide these for you!

Locksmith for Your Property and Car Keys

The developments that have taken place in commercial buildings can be applied to private property, but scaled down. Boost Locksmith would be happy to send an expert around and give you advice on how to improve the over-all security of your home. Thieves will “sniff” out any weaknesses. You have to treat your property as a whole. Garage doors, rear doors, sliding doors, roof windows, and verandas should not be neglected.  Special locks and security can be fitted to all of these. Barrel locks and dead locks should be added to any front door. A centrally-placed Yale lock is not good enough. Again, sensors, monitoring devices, timers, and the CCTV can be added to a home. These can be monitored remotely.

With ever more sophisticated technology, people try to get around it. Remote key signals can be intercepted, so with modern car security systems, rolling code systems have evolved. This is a way in which the signal constantly changes. VAT (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) keys use an embedded device that produces a series of different resistances.  A car immobilizer locks the car engine electronically; thus, helping to stop “hot wiring”. No matter what kind of motor — US, European, Japanese, or Korean– there will be a solution.

If you have a modest budget or a liking for a “retro vehicle”, old fashioned key cutting and repairs to broken keys in the ignition are still provided.